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Criteria for Evaluating Internet Resources

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Anyone can place material on the Internet. That is why it is so important to evaluate the information that you find. Ask yourself the following questions when reviewing Internet sites:

AUTHORITY (who is responsible for the content?)

  • Does the author provide credentials, qualifications?
  • Is the sponsor/location of the site (identified by the URL) appropriate for the site's material? i.e. .edu, .org, .gov 
  • Does the author provide an email address or means of contact?


  • Is there a bibliography or other documentation?
  • Is the information accurate, free of mistakes?
  • Does the text follow basic rules of grammar & spelling?


  • Is the intent of the information (to inform, teach, sell, persuade, enlighten) clearly stated or implied? (Consider: is it fact or opinion?)
  • Are there many advertisements on the page?
  • Does the author have a hidden agenda? 
  • Is the intended audience clearly identifiable?


  • Does the page include a "revised" or "updated" date that is current?
  • Are the links to other pages or web sites still active?


  • Does the site include a list of additional print and electronic sources?
  • Are the links relevant and appropriate to the site?
  • Is this source too elementary, too technical, too advanced to suit your needs?


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